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Have you been accused of or charged with drug distribution in Virginia? Do you know exactly what that means? Do not be embarrassed if you do not. The drug crime of drug distribution in Virginia is left fairly vague or open-ended, perhaps by design. If you are charged with a drug distribution crime, you will want to be sure your attorney is well versed in criminal law and knows what procedures the Commonwealth should be following when they accuse you of such behavior.

According to Code of Virginia § 18.2-248, drug “manufacturing, selling, giving, distributing, or possessing with intent” to do any of the aforementioned actions are all similar, if not identical, crimes. This can be seen as a bit of an umbrella law, covering essentially any action that could be considered a form of distribution. The word “giving” in the legal definition is of particular note. In effect, without a knowledgeable attorney on your side, you could be slammed with the same charges – and the same penalties if convicted – for handing a friend an illegal substance as you would if you attempted to sell it to a stranger.

Penalties for Drug Distribution Crimes in Virginia

Since the term “distribution” can mean a number of things, it is not surprising that the penalties can look a number of ways. Any conviction will likely include some amount of jail or prison time as well as a steep fine. The specific details of incarceration and the fines can change, though.

Factors that can escalate drug distribution penalties include:

  • Illegal substance or narcotic in question
  • Amount distributed
  • Who was sold or given the narcotic
  • Whether or not you took money or anything of value in exchange for the substance
  • Where the distribution occurred
  • Prior convictions of the defendant

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When you are accused or charged with drug distribution in Virginia, you need to be aware the consequences of a conviction could be dire, especially if your charges are filed as a felony. Talk to me, Fredericksburg Criminal Defense Attorney Andrew J. Cornick, about what is going on and I can help you come up with an effective defense strategy to shield you from the prosecution’s advances. My goal is securing you the best possible case result, whether it is a charge reduction, case dismissal, or not guilty verdict.

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