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Murder charges are some of the most serious criminal accusations one can face. If you are arrested on suspicion of murder, you may find yourself overwhelmed and confused by the aggressive and unforgiving legal process you’re being subjected to. It is important that, before you answer any questions from investigators, you exercise your Miranda right and seek out professional legal counsel.

Andrew J. Cornick, Attorney at Law is a Fredericksburg criminal defense lawyer who advocates for individuals accused of violent crimes, including murders. Attorney Andrew J. Cornick utilizes a versatile criminal defense approach to put the best interests of his clients first and ensure that the stage is set for the best possible outcome in each case.

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What Are the Penalties for Murder?

Murder can be charged multiple ways in Virginia, both capital (death-penalty eligible) or non-capital. The default charge in any murder case is known in Virginia as second degree murder.

If you are convicted of second degree murder, you could be sentenced to:

  • A specific prison term between five and forty years
  • Registry on Virginia’s Sex Offenders and Crimes Against Minors Registry
  • Post-release supervision

Premeditated murder can be charged as first-degree murder, which increases the potential prison term to a low end of twenty years with life imprisonment possible. Capital charges in Virginia carry the death sentence or a mandatory life sentence as the only alternative.

Why Hire a Lawyer?

Murder cases are all unique and require expert evaluation of numerous types of evidence. These high stakes case carry stiff penalties. An experienced criminal defense attorney can analyze the evidence and determine the best course of action, whether arguing for dismissal of the charge due to improper governmental action, acquittal of the charge at trial, or in negotiating reduced punishment when appropriate.

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