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      "Mr. Cornick is one of the best lawyers in the Fredericksburg area."

      He does a great job with preparation and is very effective in the court room. I would highly recommend him to any individual seeking legal council.

      A DUI client
      "I am so glad to have met Mr. Andy Cornick."

      He has been a great representative for me in the courts and to my friends

      Former Client
      "Mr. Cornick is one of the best lawyers I have ever seen."

      I can say without hesitation, he is one of the best lawyers I have ever seen in a courtroom and would recommend him to anybody seeking legal counsel.

      A Previous DUI Client
      "We recommend Andrew highly and will always put him first on our list of attorneys in Virginia!"

      Andrew Cornick handled our case with the utmost in professionalism. He provided excellent advice and representation to our son. He answered all of our questions promptly, explained the entire process in detail, and spoke on our son's behalf in front of the judge. We recommend Andrew highly and will always put him first on our list of attorneys in Virginia!

      Satisfied Client
      "Within days he had my case dismissed"

      Andy took my call late at night and really helped me out. He set up a meeting with the prosecutor and within days he had my case dismissed. I would recommend him to anyone.

      Satisfied Criminal Defense Client
      "An Excellent Attorney"

      You get what you pay for and it appears I paid for an excellent attorney. I hope I never need your help again but if necessary be assured you will be called.

      "Very Satisfied Client"

      Mr. Cornick was quick and professional yet relatable at the same time. Couldn't have asked for a better outcome.

      "Mr. Cornick did an excellent job with my case and I couldn't have asked for a better outcome."

      He didn't sugarcoat anything but remained relatable. Went above and beyond what was asked and was able to answer any question I had quickly and in a concise manner.

      Former Client
      "I felt so confident having Mr. Cornick as my attorney...and with good reason...he was able to get me a better deal than I could have imagined!"

      Mr. Cornick helped me get through a tough situation where I could have potentially gone to jail. He was easy to get in contact with, was very understanding and provided me with a sense of security throughout the entire court proceedings. I felt so confident having Mr. Cornick as my attorney...and with good reason...he was able to get me a better deal than I could have imagined! I highly recommend him to anyone facing a charge that could change their life.

      "My family is very grateful for all the help and support we received form Mr. Cornick."

      His professionalism and dedication to his work is noteworthy of recognition. If you’re looking for someone who cares and really knows their job I Highly recommend Mr. Cornick. He will get the job down.

      "I'm extremely thankful that I was introduced to Andy."

      Having never interacted with a lawyer before meeting with him I was very hesitant and nervous to talk to and exchange personal information with one. I could not have made a better choice than hiring Andy. I never felt like he judged me or thought badly of me because of what I was charged with. One of my favorite things about him is that he speaks to you in a way that normal people speak, uses language that is easy to understand and always explains things in depth to make sure you understand them all while maintaining a professional, friendly demeanor. He always gave me solid details of any interaction he had with other folks involving my case (previous lawyers/prosecutor etc). He is always very fast at responding to e-mails and scheduling meetings with you. In fact, he attended a polygraph testing with me when he didn't really need to just to make me feel more comfortable and less nervous with the procedure. Overall, I couldn't be any happier with Andy than I am and wouldn't hesitate to retain him for anything in the future.

      "I highly recommend Andrew Cornick"

      I have been an attorney for nearly thirty years. I have served as both a criminal prosecutor and criminal defense attorney. When a member of my family needed help, Mr. Cornick handled the case with great skill and compassion. He was exceptional. If you, or a member of your family need a lawyer, I highly recommend that you call Andy Cornick.

      Criminal Defense Client
      "A professional and resourceful attorney"

      Andy provided capable assistance and assembled a great legal team when a family member faced a daunting situation. It was completely reassuring knowing someone so resolute was handling the litigation matter.

      Former Client
      "He helped me out on his time; I challenge the reader to find an attorney who would do that (let alone do it well!)"

      Andrew Cornick provided legal advice and guidance during a stressful criminal/domestic affair. He demonstrated an excellent level of professionalism and responsiveness. Moreover, as my case never involved his presence in court (as of this writing…and hopefully forever more), he provided his assistance without remuneration. He helped me out on his time; I challenge the reader to find an attorney who would do that (let alone do it well!) I recommend Mr. Cornick as highly as possible.

      A criminal defense client
      "I could not have asked for a better attorney."

      Mr. Cornick put me and my family at ease right away. I appreciated his candor, knowledge, and willingness to stay in touch and answer all our questions (which he certainly did). He told us what to expect and when it was over, he summarized everything for us in an easy-to-understand fashion.

      Jack, a criminal defense client
      "Competent and Caring Defense Attorney"

      Andy Cornick is a competent, professional and caring attorney. He defended a family member with excellent results, the case was dismissed. I could call/text him anytime and he would respond quickly to all questions and concerns. My experience exceeded expectations and I would highly recommend him to anyone that is seeking a skilled, smart and capable defense attorney.

      Previous Client
      "I would recommend Andy Cornick for my own family member"

      Mr. Cornick is an outstanding legal representative. He was very timely with his responses and was never hesitant to assist me at any point throughout the duration of my case. He was even willing to assist me with any questions that I had after my hearing. He was committed to ensuring that I received the bets possible outcome and treated me like he would a family member or a personal friend.

      Previous Client
      "I have recommend him to family since he helped me."

      Mr. Cornick respectfully helped me through my case and got me a better result than I expected. He was always honest and very fair in his dealings.

      "Andy was truly a blessing for our son."

      Andy was accessible, responsive, and successful with our son's case. His complete command of the local legal process, and quick understanding of our unique mental health situation, was truly a blessing for our son.

      Former Client's Parent
      "My case had the most positive outcome and I highly recommend Attorney Cornick."

      I have the utmost respect for Attorney Andrew Cornick! I was charged with an Assault and battery! Never having been in trouble with the law this event was extremely traumatic for me. Very concerned, I called Mr. Cornick’s office and he returned my call promptly.

      The initial conversation confirmed all that I had read about him.

      He is a highly competent and caring Defense Attorney, and he represented me as if I was his only case. Knowing that there are many more difficult cases on his calendar he always had time for me and answered all my questions.

      My case had the most positive outcome and I highly recommend Attorney Cornick. He is a GREAT Attorney! God Bless you Andy 🙏