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People from all walks of life can find themselves charged with driving under the influence (DUI). Getting behind the wheel while under the influence of drugs or alcohol – even if you do not feel intoxicated – is considered to be a serious criminal offense. For this reason, prosecutors and law enforcement officers will often push for the harshest criminal consequences under the law.

Even first-time offenders with no prior criminal history can be faced with the harsh scrutiny of the law. If you have been arrested or if a loved one has been charged with DUI, speak with my firm as soon as possible. These types of cases are incredibly complex, but creating an effective defense strategy can help reduce or eliminate the penalties. As a Fredericksburg DUI defense attorney, I fight hard to protect your driver’s license, your rights, and freedoms.

  • I consider every avenue of defense, including:
  • Were your rights violated during the traffic stop or the field sobriety tests?
  • Was there good reason to pull you over?
  • Was there probable cause to arrest you for DUI?
  • Can the prosecution prove your guilt without a reasonable doubt?
  • Were the blood tests or breath tests conducted correctly?

When I was a prosecutor, I handled these types of legal issues on the other side of the court. I have seen drunk driving cases of all degrees of complexity. Now, I use the knowledge I gained from the other side to tirelessly defend people charged with DUI or DWI in Fredericksburg and elsewhere in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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