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The holiday festivities consist of gatherings with friends and family, exchanging gifts, and being merry and jolly all season long. However, alcohol consumption is often part of the celebrations, which typically leads to fatal drunk driving accidents and DUI arrests.

Starting from Thanksgiving Eve (Black Wednesday) until New Year’s Day, law enforcement officials throughout Virginia and the rest of the country will increase the number of officers patrolling the streets and set up checkpoints every holiday and weekend to deter intoxicated driving and keep the roads safe. So, if you decide to drive drunk or buzzed, the chances of avoiding arrest will not be in your favor.

The following are five tips to avoid a DUI arrest this holiday season:

  1. Stay sober – You can’t get a DUI if you haven’t had anything to drink in the first place. Furthermore, you can be a designated driver for others and help them get home safe.
  2. Find a designated driver – If you know someone you can trust not to consume alcohol throughout an event and/or cave into peer pressure, ask him/her to be your designated driver.
  3. Get a ride through Uber or Lyft – If you can’t find anyone to be your designated driver, you could always request a ride using a ridesharing app. Remember, surge pricing typically applies during weekends and popular drinking holidays like New Year’s Eve/Day.
  4. Spend the night at a friend’s place or hotel – If you live far away from the event, you should try to find a place close by to spend the night. If you have a friend who lives close by, ask him/her if you can stay over. If you can’t find somebody, book a room at a hotel or motel. You can also ask others to share the room with you, to lower the costs.
  5. Host the party – To avoid leaving your home altogether, throw the event in your own home. If people want to spend the night, make sure there is plenty of space for them to sleep. For those who don’t plan on spending the night, ensure they have a safe way to get home.

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