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Don’t Risk Your Future; Act Quickly

Facing criminal charges as a college student in Virginia is a serious matter that requires careful attention and consideration. The consequences of a criminal conviction can be far-reaching, impacting not just your college career but also your future employment opportunities, reputation, and community standing.

Examples of charges a college student may face include:

  • The use of fake IDs
  • Assault, battery, and other violent crimes
  • Drug possession, including possession of marijuana
  • Driving under the influence (DUI) or drunk driving
  • Underage drinking
  • Public intoxication or being drunk in public
  • Shoplifting and other theft offenses

This list is not exhaustive, but it covers some of the most prevalent issues encountered by college students. The need for legal guidance in such circumstances cannot be overstated. If you or your child find yourself in such a situation, acting quickly and seeking professional legal help is essential.

Keep reading to learn more about what to do if you or your college-age child face criminal charges.

Securing Legal Representation

The first course of action if you face criminal charges should be to seek legal representation. An experienced attorney can help you better understand the legal process, your rights, and the potential outcomes of your or your child's case. Together with your attorney, you can work to strategize a defense approach based on the circumstances of your case.

When preparing for your first consultation, it is beneficial to bring the following items:

  • Information regarding the events leading up to and including your arrest
  • Any paperwork or documentation related to your charges, such as bail papers or police reports
  • A list of potential witnesses, if applicable
  • Any relevant evidence that could be beneficial to your case
  • A list of any questions or concerns you may have regarding your case or the legal process

Remember, time is of the essence in these situations. The sooner you secure legal representation, the better your chances of a favorable outcome.

Consequences of a Criminal Conviction as a College Student

Facing a criminal conviction as a college student can have both immediate and far-reaching consequences. The range of potential repercussions extends beyond the immediate legal consequences and can affect many aspects of your academic and professional future.

Immediate legal consequences may include:

  • Fines: Financial penalties can be significant, often running into thousands of dollars.
  • Prison time: Depending on the severity of the charges, jail time could be a reality.
  • Probation: This could require regular check-ins with a probation officer and compliance with certain conditions.
  • Community service: Many courts order individuals convicted of crimes to perform community service.

Long-term or far-reaching consequences could include:

  • Expulsion: Some universities have strict codes of conduct, and a criminal conviction could lead to expulsion from academic programs or the university itself.
  • Exclusion from student and professional organizations: Many organizations have strict ethical standards, and a criminal conviction could lead to exclusion.
  • Ineligibility for opportunities: A criminal conviction might make you ineligible for certain opportunities like study abroad programs.
  • Difficulty finding work: A criminal record can make job hunting more challenging, as many employers perform background checks.
  • Loss of scholarships: Many scholarships require students to maintain a clean criminal record.

Understanding these potential consequences underscores the importance of seeking legal help as soon as possible if you find yourself facing criminal charges. The severity of the impact largely depends on the nature of the crime, your previous criminal record (if any), and the legal representation you receive.

If you or your child have been arrested, don't delay; reach out to us today. Andrew J. Cornick, Attorney at Law, offers free case consultations, and we are standing by to help.