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When you are found guilty of a traffic violation or crime, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is notified by the court. Prepaying your traffic ticket does not avoid this. Prepaying is a plea of guilty, which results in an automatic conviction of the violation which will involve demerit points being assigned. It is then the job of the DMV, not the court, to post the conviction to your driving record along with the number of points associated with the violation.

In Virginia, if you accumulate too many points within a certain time period, you will be notified by the DMV. That notification generally orders you to take a driver improvement class that is DMV-approved. By doing so, you can earn up to five “safe driver” points that will lower your overall demerit point balance. In certain cases that are considered extreme, however, you could face a license suspension.

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Points That Can Lead to a License Suspension

Virginia assigns three, four, or six points to traffic violations. For instance, speeding one to nine miles per hour above the posted limit will add three points to your record while speeding 10 to 19 miles per hour above the limit will add four points. Six-point violations include such offenses as DUI and speeding 20 miles per hour above the limit.

Each year that you keep your record clean will add one safe driving point to your record. The total number of safe driving points you can put into the plus column of your point balance is five. When you are convicted of a traffic violation, your point balance will be reduced by the number of points your ticket is assigned. If you have driven with no violations for five full years and have a plus-five on your balance but then get a four-point speeding ticket, your point balance will be reduced to plus one.

If you accumulate 12 points in 12 months or 18 points in 24 months, you will then face either the DMV ordered to take a safe driving program or lose your license. This applies to drivers over the age of 18. For drivers under this age, a DMV notification will be issued if you accrue nine points in 12 months.

Need Legal Help Fighting a Traffic Violation or More Serious Offense?

Losing your license and having your insurance premiums spike due to the consequences of traffic violations or more serious traffic crimes such as DUI or reckless driving can deeply affect your life. We all depend on our cars for school, work, errands, and more. You can contest these offenses in court just as you can contest any other allegations of legal misconduct. My firm stands ready to help you when facing any type of traffic or criminal matter with experienced and dedicated help.

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